Creating a social network means giving strangers an opportunity to share common interests, but what if their only real interest is steady drinking and perfecting pickup lines that involve winks and elaborate gestures? Giving the people what they want: George.

Just soft-opened by the founder of a thriving Gtown social network and some UVA-grad buddies, George is a classily sparse, semi-private drinkery tucked into the courtyard behind Cafe Milano; the interior pays homage to the colonial roots with a huge brass bar, black-leather, brass-buttoned high chairs, and photos of Revolutionary War-era Georgetown -- a major transformation from former tenant Georgetown Billiards, which paid homage to scandalous teen hookups and menthol smoking. The booze program's relentlessly low maintenance ("If anyone ever asks for table service they will immediately be escorted off the premises"), with standby bottles (Heineken/Corona/Blue Moon/Miller Lite) and nightly Red Bull/vodka specials complimenting an equally toned-down playlist dominated by "Hall and Oates, Miles Fisher, and Marvin Berry and the Starlighters" -- so if you hate your siblings and wish they'd never been born, this is your place. Food's limited, and split between barroom regulars like pizza & quesadillas) and upscale bites like shrimp scampi & crab cakes; the kitchen cuts off at two hours before close, so if you're not on your game, there's no way you're taking a crab cake home to have sex with. Â As for the semi-private: George is open to the public for happy hour (6-9p) on Thursdays and Fridays, but at all other times if you're not on their list, technically you've got to know someone who is, preferably someone with two thumbs who also loves BJs -- like that guy!