Nom De Guerre

A truly great work can be enjoyed while ignoring its intellectual pretensions -- Watership Down's being an allegory of political responsibility and the individual's relationship with the state doesn't dampen the reader's thrill over Bigwig kicking other rabbits' asses. Now, wrap yourself up in intellectually confounding but ultimately handsome gear, from Nom de Guerre.

Just dropped, this artist collective-style clothier's Fall/Winter "Collection 9" consists of skillfully designed heavy outerwear, sweaters, and denim, all purportedly products of an examination of the Arctic, specifically "the nomadic tribes of the region as the antithesis of the Orwellian dystopia" -- fortunately, just like your flickering college thesis, the gear still keeps you warm in winter. Stylish chill-protection starts with outerwear like the gray, rubberized heavy cotton "N-2 Jacket", the animal pelt-trimmed "Mountain Anorak" waxed cotton jacket, and the waxed cotton "Ballistic Down Vest", designed for the star of CSI: North Pole, William Penguinsen. Inner warmth comes courtesy of the brown/khaki, winter wool "Nadezhda Shawl Collar Sweater" and "Nadezhda Hooded Cardigan", the heavyweight cotton fleece, Wings + Horns collab'd "Flight Training Zip-Front Sweatshirt", the black wool "Sherpa-Paneled Patrol Sweater", and the khaki/off-white wool "V-Neck Combat Sweater", conceived in accordance with the old military saying "don't fire until you see the whites of their button-downs worn for the purposes of fashionable layering".

Because winter means wearing pants, they're also dropping a gray/white flecked wool dress pant, and gray or dark khaki, raw denim jeans cut in a classic fit -- because going skinny means no one can ignore that your purported Bigwig is actually a Fiver.