Wisconsin Ave warm n' coziness

Typically, you hit up your neighbor for little things like sugar, a screwdriver, or, if you're James Van Der Beek, someone to coyly half-smile whilst you babble on about how underrated the movie Hook was. Hitting up their neighbors for just a bit more: Puro Cafe.

Hoping to open today, Puro's a welcoming daytime/early-evening eatery nestled into a former G'town antique shop; both their menu and decor (old-meets-new tables made from tree-stumps and plastic tops; rustic floorboards contrasted with slick countertops & coffee-tech) are the work of their upstairs neighbor, a marketing & branding company that'll presumably be getting plenty of free refills. Liquidity comes via warm drinks cleverly grouped under "Be Bold" (the espresso/dulce de leche Dolcecciono; the espresso/Nutella-swirled Nuttelino), "Be Calm" (teas from traditional Moroccan to the green/mint leaf/ginger Puro), and "Be Hot": hot chocolates from "ginger" to "hot spicy", about which Paris Hilton would say "That's Hot", if only she weren't so committed to the fight against redundancy. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean-tinged food menu brings paninis like "The Wise" (roasted eggplant/mushroom/zucchini/chevre) and the "The Sweet" (prosciutto/fig/Parmesan/arugula); flatbreads like "The Humble" (fromage forte/tomato/basil) and "The Talented" (prosciutto/figs/Parmesan); and salads like "The Beauty" (arugula/walnuts/pears/figs) and "The Smart", which comes with house-poached tuna, olives, and, according to her friends, a "way cooler personality" than The Beauty (although nobody's buying it).

Puro knows you're popular, so they're also offering weekend-only sharing plates like "The Friendly" (w/ dried chorizo/roasted potatoes aja molido/Manchego), and "Be Sweet" desserts including a hot chocolate/dulce de leche ice cream/brownie chips package called "Deep Love" -- what Dawson thought he had with Joey, before she started coyly half-boning Pacey.