Get Jacked with Little Hercules

In a society increasingly obsessed with body image, you need help from a guy who was buffer than Arnold at an age most boys associate gyms with "jungle". We talked to Richard Sandrak -- aka Little Hercules, aka World's Strongest Boy -- the Ukrainian-born bodybuilding wunderkind who started pumping as a 6-year-old, and benched 160lbs by 9. The now-16-yr-old aspiring action hero took a break from working out (literally, we called him in the breakroom) to tell us how he does it.What does your weekly routine consist of? 4-5 days a week for two hours in the gym with cross-country training, and private Karate lessons twice a week.What does your nutrition consist of?55% carbs, 30% protein, 15% fat -- 4 meals a day, and two protein drinks.What's your powder of choice?
No powder, only egg whites.Hmm. OK, How does all that compare to your bodybuilding heyday?When I was 9 it was much more intense. I would train for much longer, and I can actually eat now.What's the best way to get ripped abs?We take a bunch of different exercises and do 3 sets to failure. I'll do as many as I can until it burns so bad I hate life. Then I'll rest 10 seconds and do it again.What is the most overlooked muscle?The legs. You see a lot of people with good upper bodies and no legs. If you start doing heavy leg presses it'll push the natural testosterone up into your upper body and your upper body will start to grow.Considering you're not that little anymore, does your nickname bother you at all? Are you considering a name change a la Bow Wow?People can start calling me Hercules -- I'm cool with that.Is there an appropriate way to approach a girl at the gym?Just go up to her and point out what she's doing wrong and correct her. Then, you know, just start talking.What if she's not doing anything wrong?
They are always doing something wrong.Outside the gym do you party or drink alcohol?Yeah, I party. I go to pool parties. But I don't drink or smoke or anything at them -- I'm 16 yrs old.That's right. What's coming up from Richard Sandrak?I finished a movie called Little Hercules 3-D with Hulk Hogan when I was 13. That should be coming out in theaters next year. Why did it take 4 years to come out?Because it's in 3-D.Indeed it is.What's next for Hercules? He's training for Amazon Kid, directed by the Joey Travolta.