Everything you need to know to land your business on Thrillist

Does the idea of getting your bar, restaurant, or shop on Thrillist make you squeal like a preteen girl at a Bieber concert? Well, sir or madam, you're in luck. Thrillist wants to get the word on your fine establishment out to the masses, and all you have to do to make it happen is shoot over an email to getfeatured@thrillist.com. Or you can get in touch with our city editors below

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If it sounds too good to be true, just listen to the testimonials from these proprietors who have been featured on our virtual pages

"Phone wouldn't stop -- still hasn't really yet. The article came out great! Thanks so much again." Jimmy "Cobra" Carbonetti of Cobra Guitars, New York

"Thanks again for the last feature you did for us, we sold a ton of shirts!" Abe Schmidt of HandsIn, Seattle

"I sold thousands of dollars worth of furniture after the articles were on Thrillist, and I'm still going through talks with several customers about building custom pieces. It's really amazing what a little exposure can do for you." Zach Yendra of Yendrabuilt, Denver

"Thanks so much for the awesome spot on Thrillist. Your productions skills are stellar and made us look better than we really are." Jehnee Rains of Suzette, Portland

"Thank you so much for the article! My shop had more hits today than the last year put together. It's the first big piece of publicity I've ever received, and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks again." Jake Wright of Stockpile Designs, New York

"We had over 5k hits today and as of a minute ago 2,737 of those came directly from YOUR site. So again, thank you! Over 1000 people signed up today...I'm so happy that people are talking about it! Being on Thrillist today was, for lack of a better word, thrilling!! Inquiries have been very diversified from the Washington Post to TMZ." Victoria Schweizer of Cheater Registry, Thrillist Nation

"Thrillist was the only form of promotion I used when launching my company website before SXSW '11. My site -- RSVPster.com -- became an overnight hit due to Thrillist's wide reach, and social media sharing abilities...Other media outlets soon contacted the company after reading about the website on Thrillist." Jennifer Sinski of RSVPster, Austin

"Oh my, your piece on me brought loads of customers. I have just gone self-employed and now I can afford extra stock for the Christmas markets! I have always wanted to be able to make money with my illustrations and finally I am. Please let me know which one of my plates or prints you like and I can send you one, I can't thank you enough!" James Ward of Plates by JimBob Art, New York

"Thrillist was AMAZING for Feral Surf Tours. So simple, yet so effective! We not only generated loads of business through being featured, Feral Surf Tours was also contacted by other publications that wanted to write about us, creating even more business for us in the summer of 2011. Thanks guys!!!" Andy Wheadon of Feral Surf Tours, London

"Within a week or two of launching AdamsBalls.com, one of biggest sources of exposure we got was a feature on Thrillist. A couple of days later, a friend called me and said that he just saw the website getting reviewed by Olivia Munn on G4 TechTV's "Attack of the Show" -- I'm pretty sure because of the Thrillist feature. We ran out of beer pong balls three times that month. It was literally a whirlwind." Adam of Adam's Balls, Thrillist Nation

"According to Google Analytics, we had 162 hits on the day UD wrote us up, and exactly 500 on the day you wrote us up." Devlin Keating of Fobogro Beer Delivery, Washington D.C.

"My blog Matta Napkin, normally gets about 300 hits a day but after one article in the Thrillist my site traffic jumped to 1,500. That's ridiculously tremendous. I love the site. As a guy who draws on napkins everyday... I eat. I've already hit two delicious Thrillist recommendations in my area. So get your eyeballs over to the Thrillist and sign up for the free daily e-mails or I'll really go to town on you with a pillow case full of Diet Squirt." John Matta of Matta Napkin, Los Angeles

"Thanks a million for the write up on Thrillist. It drove loads of traffic to my website and store, and has really inspired me to continue promoting through the web. I liked how you grabbed from what I had written, made it funny and dropped some nice references throughout." Drew Morrison of Drew Morrison Illustration, New York

"Thanks so much for covering us! Thrillist was the first big bump that we experienced and I'm also confident that it improved our search ranking on Google and other engines. So we are very, very grateful." Kathy Setzer of Heywood Hotel, Austin

"We had a spectacular first month, with nearly all sizes and styles on backorder. We truly couldn't have done it without Thrillist's help; they played a HUGE role in that success." George Vlagos of Oak Street Bootmakers, Chicago

"Thanks again for including Baconlube in Thrillist! I woke up to 1k+ emails and it’s 6:30 am in Seattle. We’ve had requests for product/interviews from 100+ radio shows, lots of online review sites and a handful of magazines/newspapers. Lots of people follow Thrillist…" Justin Esch of Baconlube, Thrillist Nation

"I can honestly say Thrillist has been a crucial part of our success here at The Modern Man. They've always got their ears to the ground and know what's happening in the community before any other media outlet...Being a business owner, every time I see a new face, it's important for me to ask how they heard about us and more often then not, the answer is (you guessed it) Thrillist!" Chris Espinoza of The Modern Man Barbershop, Portland

"I just wanted to say thanks again. Cuz of your article, a few other people saw it and ran stories, and this week Naked Therapy went national in the media! I had new sessions, many emails, and a bunch of newsletter signups. Thank you SOOO much!!" Sarah White of The Naked Therapist, New York

"We were very pleased to receive coverage from Thrillist in our early days, and even more so when the phone started ringing with bookings, and numerous customers mentioned that they'd read about us on the Thrillist email. At the launch of the business, the impact the Thrillist piece made was very noticeable." Mark Angell of The Rookery, London

"Thrillist took posted a wonderful review with fantastic pictures that resulted in a boost to our brunch traffic, right from the onset." Tamiz Ciccoone of Township, Chicago

"Thank you very much for the inspiring article on ChixStix. We had a chance to see it after a Thrillist reader mentioned a 'cool' article they read about us. We're definitely seeing new faces (as well as returning customers) and we seem to be doing well sending them home happy and satisfied." Kaz and Stephanie of Chix Stix, Portland

"Thanks a million for the article and video! We have blown up after with requests for coverage from the press and job inquires as well." Ben Roshia of One Stop Beer Shop, New York

"Thrillist had a massive impact on Pop Up Screens. The day we featured on Thrillist’s newsletter there was a huge spike in our ticket sales." David Leydon of Pop Up Screens, London

"Thank you! We couldn't have done it without your help. Thrillist gave us a ton of momentum and helped us get the ball rolling for our Kickstarter Campaign." David Segall of Das Horn, Thrillist Nation

"Our opening day was wonderful! I had several customers tell me that they had heard about the shop through Thrillist. I am so grateful for your exposure." Heather Thompson of Half Pint, Portland

"The day we were featured in Thrillist we raised $1,250 from 28 different donors. Thrillist was probably our most helpful outlet in reaching our $30,000 fundraising goal." Gerrit Lewis of Pipeworks Brewing Company, Chicago

"Whoa, seriously what an amazing response! So many people following us on twitter and friends super excited about seeing us on Thrillist. You made my day. Loved your succinct write-up, perfect tone and audience we're going after. Just checked the account and there are 73 responses!" Jenn de la Vega of Randwiches, New York

"When one of our gallery's partnerships was featured on the site and emails, a producer from Lost wondered what I could do for them. They contacted me solely off the exposure from Thrillist, and I ended up marketing the show for two years. Since then, we've worked with numerous corporations, who still cite our Lost campaign as the reason they heard of us. It all started from just one Thrillist email." Jensen Karp of Gallery 1988: L.A., Los Angeles

"We had a crazy increase in traffic and resulted in some sales around areas we haven't marketed to yet." Steve Christensen of NOVO Watches, Thrillist Nation

"I've had on my agenda to email you a big thanks for the Tixie post, it got us lots of subscribers, so truly, thank you." Erin Rackelman of Tixie, Portland

"We got the most hits on the site from publication in Thrillist. I would guess 40 or so seats sold as a result of your publication. The New York Times asked for an exclusive the day after you posted the project. We have done many interviews, did a photoshoot with a NYTimes photographer, and they interviewed our chef, our attorney, and some of the new seatholders." Scott Kester of The Elevens, New York

"Thrillist featured the Jub-Jub Bar on their website in July of 2010, and the week of July 10th – 17th Thrillist ranked as our third website traffic source – driving more website views than Time Out, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more. We loved the video they made so much that it’s a permanent feature on the “Gallery” section of our website and to date it’s received over 5,000 views." Richard Wynne of Jub-Jub Bar, London

"The piece performed extremely well. We're going to have our highest day ever - we have 3,000+ hits today and at least 2,000 is due to you guys. So it was extremely powerful for us." Gagan Biyani of Udemy, Thrillist Nation