Aksel Paris

Every man yearns to distinguish himself at the office, be it through hard work and creative out-of-the box thinking, or offering coworkers a crack at Bill Gates' money merely by forwarding an email to seven people! For yet another sound approach, wear shirts by Aksel Paris.

Just relocated to SF from said French capital, Aksel's a saucy line of fashion-forward button-downs that stand out from other dress shirts via unique tailoring and rad bits of material flair, all of which're concepted by a Frenchman named Yazid, who came to America to "make an impact and meet beautiful women", i.e., ones that have shaved armpits. These bad boys all boast a slim Euro fit (that works both tucked in and untucked) and sturdy 3 inch collars, and're made from rich satin that comes in colors/patterns ranging from stripes of black/white/lavender/etc., to solid cocoa, to classy steel blue that turns green the second you quote Zoolander. Aksels' truly distinguishing features're glossy square buttons that're grouped in twos or threes at the collar and stitched in with bright thread, and inner collars n' cuffs that offer contrast, either subtle (e.g., sky blue beneath blue/white pinstripes), or flamboyant, plain white that juxtaposes a multicolored floral print -- so you can hit the bar, undo some buttons, and look cool after a long, hard day of stalking botanists.

Because Yazid just loves America so much, orders above $100 are shipped your way within 7 days for free, and as a bonus, if you tell ten friends, he'll take a dying orphan out on a jet ski!