Amoskeag XX

While the denim arms race has inarguably produced sweeter styles than "Are those Bugle Boy jeans you're wearing?", you need a less embarrassing reason for dropping hundreds on a pair than "they make my bugle look better". Providing you with plausible deniability, Amoskeag XX.From a pair of Ralph Lauren vets, NY-based 'Keag hawks ready-to-wear Japanese dungarees milled on bespoke looms and finished sans chemicals -- meaning that on top of looking good, you can say 1) they last forever 2) they're eco-friendly and 3) you couldn't wash them even if you wanted to, because they'd shrink dramatically and encase your Han Solo in carbonite. Ruggedly inspired by the water-powered New Hampshire mill the line's named after, the four power-loomed pairs include the black 840 Merrimack (contrasting front and back denim, for comfort), two dark blue 848 and 849 Engineers (w/ buckle-backs and front pleats, for...style), and the equally indigo 841 Manchester -- w/ buckle-back and side-seam for added dimension, named after an English factory town for added blue collarness. 'Keag also hawks one shuttle-loomed pair, the light and dark indigo 839 Seamless, whose seams are actually on the inside, much like a karate man bleeds on the inside.'Keag also hawks slub cotton henleys and crew necks, water-resistant herringbone parkas, and boiled wool pea coats in the European-sailor style -- the boiling's for sturdiness, giving you a less shameful reason for buying than "because sailors wore them!"