Hats from small to <em>extra</em> large

In life, the greatest joys come from the littlest things, like finding $20 in your jeans on laundry day, and midgets. For a hat company that agrees, check out The Ampal Creative.Started by a duo of designer friends who could never find lids large enough for their gargantuan noggins, TAC makes both caps and dressy hats (in small, larger, and XL sizes), all of which are adorned with small, subtle details/features that set them apart from typical headpieces, much like Native American headdresses, except without the feathers and other distinctive characteristics of Native American headdresses. Nearly every offering's made from deadstock fabric found in a San Diego basement, with dressier options including a wide-backed fedora, traditional porkpie, and bowler, all of which have a double-sided strap with a dressier design on one side (croc skin, full grain leather etc) and a flashy one on the other (polka dots, patent leather, etc); they've also got a few different driver caps, ranging from a billowy dotted design to a grey and black checkered pattern to a worn-looking blue & purple, each of which has a front button embroidered into the pattern, allowing the hat to also be worn open like a captain's cap -- holy ship! Ball caps are 80's-ish, with extra-taut front paneling and brims; designs include two pinstriped denim hats w/ the company's initials in a font based on old motorcycle patches; a cap with goofy-looking eyes on the front and a wide-smile on the under-carriage of the brim; and a black wool cap with small lettering reading "Party & Bulls**t," both a Notorious B.I.G. song and things you feel uncomfortable doing with your stepdad. All the hats and caps are limited-edition, with runs ranging from 60-250 pieces, because you already know how awesome it is when things are limited in size.