Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

During times of financial duress, bold expenditures can lead to enormous success: Kellogg won the Great Depression cereal wars by maintaining ad sales, while a debt-ridden Ken Lay bought his wife a yacht and totally got at least an HJ. Moving forward in the face of recession, Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction

An artist-driven line of threads named for a 1934 essay by Walter Benjamin, AAMR's just signed a lease on a flagship store, expanded their brand catalog, and upgraded their own tees' quality, all because "with the current economic climate, shoppers...are looking to support the little guy" (which explains why Mickey Rooney's still alive). Fresh tee designs are complimented by a custom color palette, so a light blue, dual-horned "duocorn" pops on a textured black base called "Tumble Weaves", while a vulture-circled-by-snake rests on chartreuse-hued "Thrift Store Couch"; AAMR's also collab'd with their fav bands, i.e., a gray tee w/ hot pink text reading "The Hippies Are Back & They're Punks!" from Times New Viking, who claim they're influenced not by fonts, but by..."shark f**ks". Still-available previous designs include David Lee Roth drawn a la Duran Duran's Rio album art, the Overlook Hotel's carpet pattern, a gigantic set of plastic novelty fangs, and a Molotov cocktail with the text "Throwin' Down Like Thoreau"...welcome to the Walden baby, you gonna die

With the launch of a brand new web site, Art's steadily getting their entire storefront stock on the net, so soon you can expect to find gear from NSF and Revl, manbags from Property of..., merch from local folk artisans, even custom stationary, the perfect way to thank your girlfriend for last night's righteous "Wow! A crude drawing of a yacht!" tug job.