Art From Steel

Throughout modern history, steel's been a vital component for improving quality of life: it made rail travel possible, birthed skyscrapers, and most importantly, ensured the structural integrity of magnolias. Displaying a lighter side of steel, Art From Steel.

Crafting impressively elaborate recycled steel sculptures of movie characters, vehicles, and more, and claiming to be Thailand's largest handcrafted steel artwork producer, AFS got into the biz after a group of metalworkers watched Predator and were so inspired, they decided to build a scaled replica of the alien from scrap, because making a steel Arnold would've been redundant. To create the 450-plus painstakingly detailed models and sculptures in their e-shop, AFS sources materials from Ford assembly plants, shipyards, the Thai military, and other scrap dealers to construct everything from scale models of sci-fi characters using repurposed nuts & bolts (Optimus Prime, Iron Man, Robocop), to replica aircrafts welded together with motor chains and gears (helicopters, F-18 fighter jets), to animals with skeletons made from screws, washers, and soldered ball bearings (rhinos, rats, monkeys, dinos), each made to order and delivered in under a month, because waiting five weeks for a steel badger would just be silly. Some of the lesser-detailed sculptures're incredible in their own way, particularly in the "Adult" section, with 20 different pieces of wiry couples going at it in pretty much every position possible, one with an adventurous trio, and another featuring a dude getting down to business by himself, clutching a magazine and standing over a toilet, perfect for holding down papers on the desk you used to work at.

If you're in the market for even baller-er steel gear, they've got a handful of elaborate Predator-themed furniture pieces, like a dining table with the Predator on its back as the base, a shorter, squatter side table version, and four meticulously detailed Predator-face stools -- order one, and a command'll be shouted around the office: "Get to the shopper!!!"