NYC caps go brick & mortar

Escaping the shadow of a successful parent often requires setting off in a wildly ambitious new direction, like saying "F you, dad" and going by John Quincy. Stepping out of the shadows in style, Block Headwear

From a designer who worked under her CFO father at Kangol before boldly deciding to step out of her comfort zone and make...different hats, Block's setting up their debut shop in a sparse, studio-esque nook featuring exposed brick walls, old doors reworked to hold the hats, and a block of wood on which chapeaus are traditionally steamed and molded, also how those in central Connecticut like their hatburgers. Classic fedora swagger leads the way, with the straw-colored linen Abingdon with black, brown or denim brim trim; the Varick, avail in dark hues of black/brown/navy braided fabric; and the oversized-plaid patterned Wesley, appropriate, as a plaid fedora will constantly remind everyone that you're white, and can't jump. Non-fedoraction runs from the reversible baseball-steez Mulberry (with upturned brim), to the afro-enhancing, thick-woven straw Beachcomber, to the black-or-seagrass crocheted straw Brisa (perfect for when your hair's in need of a little snip)

To give customers some first-hand experience, the crew plans to move their design studio into the space as well, a wildly ambitious gambit they're betting will net them some dead presidents