The backpack's tragic dilemma: there's no more convenient crap caddy, but rocking one reduces even the most dignified man to a propellor-beanie'd, mongoloid man-boy. Adult up your carryall, with Bruxe, just now in NYC.

A Montreal co.'s debut, Bruxe is a futuristically-modish line of gear and computer bags that'll oh-so-comfortably ferry your laptop/deodorant/melted Twix without making you look like a weirdly huge Osh Kosh escapee from the toddlers/ninos department. In glossy perforated black plastic, the luggers range from basic work models like the Johnston Computer Pack w/ padded PC compartment, to travelers like the Greene Three Day w/ shoe pockets, cell phone-pocketed shoulder straps, and inner compartments lined w/ fleece to protect both glass-faced gadgets and the tips of your dainty, moisturized fingers. Because this is a special time of year, Bruxe is also releasing similarly-steezed Holiday '08 packs in white and blue (clearly, the holiday is Hanukkah).

Beyond the back, Bruxe hawks the Lloyd MacBook shoulderbag, and a single rolling duffle bag -- for when you want to avoid even the merest hint of propellor-beanie'd mongoloid man-boy, and instead go for a look that says "stylish man-boy missing his flight".