Bumpy Pitch

Despite its consuming popularity around the world, your relationship with soccer's limited to a once-every-four-years "fever" (aka, excuse to drink at strange hours). Until now: Bumpy Pitch.Started by two local ex-pros, (one a veteran of the Galaxy, both of far more legitimate European teams) Pitch's tees offer fashionable "football" nostalgia via vintage prints of seriously sweet-looking logos from defunct American teams that absolutely no one's ever heard of. All shirts're custom-cut, super-soft 100% cotton; prints rep everyone from the 1960s-era San Francisco Gales (originally a Dutch squad, logo-ized with a double-G-encircled Golden Gate), to Mass.'s Fall River Marksmen (w/ a crest of an old-school soccer ball, and obviously, crossed pistols), to the Atlanta Apollos, once owned by Ted Turner and befitted with a uniquely abstract "A" (short for "Attracted to Jane Fonda"). If you're inclined to rep local, BP's also got a rising-phoenix print from the '80s-era L.A. Aztecs -- famous for signing former Manchester United superstar George Best at the very tail end of his career, when he was the worst.Beyond tees, Pitch publishes a blog dedicated to the soccer lifestyle, covering music, gear, and news -- so, enjoy that t-shirt!!