Casualty Clothing

Grassroots hustling can lay the foundation for success, whether it's selling mix tapes out of the back of a car, or, if you're House of Pain, selling Mick tapes out the back of a car. For a tee brand grown from similar legwork, check out Casualty Clothing. Started by a couple of Port Jeffers who spent years hawking product at skate events, Casualty's finally moving from the park to the mainstream with their edgy breast-coverings, each lovingly handprinted and sprinkled with deets like hang tags dyed in a "tea-bath" (that'll teach those hang tags not to pass out early again). The most recent drop includes a blown-up version of their Sammy the Snake mascot twisting himself into a pretzel; a skull sporting a Caesar-style wreath on its forehead; a Coors-style logo that reads "Original Casualty"; and a wobbly car with a hat-wearing boozing driver and equally-thirsty skeleton riding shotgun, one of whom looks like Keith Richards, and the other of whom...has a hat! Down from the attic are designs like a man's cross sectioned face, one half fleshy and the other half a skull w/ vino, syringes, and cigarettes in place of a brain; a panther clenching a comb in its jaws next to the Motley Crue-touting phrase "Too Fast For Love"; and another banquet beer riff that reads "Hard To The Coors", fitting as your rocky mountain oysters turn blue when things go cold

For those who party shirtless, CC recently debuted skull caps and fingerless knit gloves w/ a Sammy the Snake tag, and even a "Hangin' and Bangin'" beer koozie, though use it too much and you aren't gonna Everlast.