Challah Clothing

While religion can be a touchy subject, it can also be hilarious, as proven by Mel Brooks, and drunk Mel Gibson. For tees that have a good time with it, holla at Challah.

From the minds of two Fla web designers who met, then figured out they were both from Coral Springs, both Jewish, and both liked funny tees, Challah's a line of inexpensive, Jew-larious shirts that play off of pop culture, consumerism, and Jewish stereotypes, all using bitingly smart word play, aka the Chosen Puns. The collection's linguistic mischief comes in the form of shirts like "Hebrew School Dropout", printed in the kind of cursive font you might see on a little league jersey, "Dreidel", which steals its font style from the Diesel logo, and one that uses big beat-up block letters across the chest to exclaim "Challah At Your Boy", basically an urban update of the classic "Kvetch At Your Son". For more-illustrated puns, "Cheap Jew(elry)" puts two big fists across the chest, wearing gaudy bling rings you'd expect in a rap vid, "Dog Tag" plays off the chain-printed tees popular with the kids these days, and adds a Star of David for good measure, and "Orange Jews" shows a serious, middle-aged Hassidic dude on the label of an OJ carton, complete with lingo like "not from concentrate" and "pure premium", the wearing of which opens you up to false advertising claims.

The most academic looking shirt is "Jewdo Chop", with an encyclopedia-style diagram of a bearded, and yarmulke-clad Jew performing a martial arts move, defined in text from the "Challahpedia" as the "knife hand strike" -- exactly what Gibson shoulda gone on after drunkenly signed onto What Women Want.