Chronic Art

Even the seemingly useless leftover parts of a desirable resource can be creatively used -- hence pig scraps delighting the mouth in hot dogs, until someone prickishly reminds you that they're made of pig scraps. Using oft-overlooked remnants to create impressive portraits, Chronic Art.The handiwork of a Pittsburgh-based tattoo artist named Cliff, Chronic's a collection of originals and prints of pro-THC subjects made by carefully arranging roach paper from smoked doobies into a tiled mosaic -- the exact same project you were totally going to get started on after you polish off those Totino's Pizza Rolls. Cliff's process goes like this:: he painstakingly amasses a bunch of roaches (how, we'll never know), lets them sit around to air out (he claims the finished product "doesn't smell"), then cuts the papers into a puzzle-like mosaic with an X-Acto knife; a single 8x10 original can take 70+ hours, and's finished by adding a protective "invisible layer of 'school' glue", resulting in a mashup of the very vices that forced you to get a GED. Prints of each're available in a cheeky run of 420, with subjects ranging from legendary tokers (Jerry Garcia, Snoop, Jimi Hendrix, Method Man, etc.) to alleged smokers (Jesus, a skeleton...), while a few feature more abstractly graphical designs, like a trippy thorn-wrapped heart, a stylized version of the Kottonmouth Kings' logo, and a disturbing snarl of snakes and skeletons entitled "Addiction" -- ooooh, taste that sweet irony.If you're feeling flush you can arrange to buy an original, which go for anywhere from $1000-10,000 -- exactly what one could save if here were to, say, stop eating hot dogs altogether.