The greatest shaving cream of all time

Odd couples can achieve great things: cousin Larry's moody cunning and Balky's joie de vivre allowed them to date not one, but two blonde chicks. Introducing your stubble to the results of another unlikely team: Cremo Cream.

Just now hitting the shelf of Fred Segal, Cremo's a uniquely dense, uber-effective shaving cream that's the result of a year-long development process, and the brainchild of two unlikely Santa Monica buddies -- one, an ex-male model, the other, the inventor of the dry erase board, so you have him to thank for telling your college roommate that his mom called, plus you're totally doing her, so he shouldn't come in. Cremo's ingredients are natural/organic when possible, and broken down in detail on the company's website, so there's no mystery behind tongue twisters like Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (a coconut-oil derivative that helps with lubrication); Xylitol (a natural, sugar-based emulsifier), and Cetearyl Alcohol, which prevents the cream's oil and liquid components from separating, although they claim to be doing it for the kids. Unlike more-typical foams and gels, Cremo's formula contains no gunky glycerine, and allows no room for air, meaning the shave it provides is smoother and less prone to cuts/nicks; application's brushless, with the recommended amount just almond-sized, leaving a thin-feeling layer that's "activated" with a few drops of water -- giving you both a coating of lather, and the sneaking suspicion that you unwittingly joined a terrorist sleeper cell.

Coming soon's an aftershave, and though for now Cremo's only available in a mild Bergamot scent, they're also promising a scentless version and one that smells "tropical", which'll give you the sultry confidence to get shot down by not one, but two blonde chicks.