As any shrink will tell you, when you put up walls you can really limit intimacy, but you know what else limits intimacy: having no way to separate the living room from the bathroom. To make the walls you have cooler, check out DecalMax

Because it's time for those Queensrøche posters to go, DM makes totally sweet, easily removable/reusable silhouette decals big enough to cover most of a wall, and fashions them out of high-quality 3M vinyl that boasts a six-year outdoor life, infinite indoor life, and leaves no sticky residue, thankfully meaning they won't totally embarrass you on Room Raiders. The collection divides into subjects like "Modern", with numbers such as Four Ladies (a 3'x6' panorama of thong-clad exotic dancers in different poses), plus American Pride, a bunch of badass jets flying over a Statue of Liberty which is obviously not to scale, and Scarface, with a four-foot-tall Pacino who obviously is. There's also more pop culture stuff like a Billie Jean-era MJ popped up on his toes, plus killer sports images, like Basketball Dunk (a low angle shot of someone skying to the hoop), and a 5ft wide multi-frame shot of a snowboarder riding a rail -- which pairs nicely with that Pacino poster, actually

They can also make your laptop not-completely-boring, thanks to decals like a young Johnny Cash giving the finger, an afro'd Sam Jackson pointing a gun at your face from Pulp Fiction, and Snow White -- which, when it comes to limiting intimacy, is second only to your date noticing mid-makeout that you're a tireless collector of decorative soaps.