Spicing up your pad with random knickknacks is supposed to make you look more interesting, but in reality it only makes you look like you're living in a garage sale. Grab a cooler selection of flair, from Elemental.

Reminiscent of a very casual art museum, Elemental's run by a guy who studied design in NYC and, desiring to bring some of that same cultured, slightly oddball craft to Miami, called on contacts from there and beyond to fill out his store with functional curios from as far afield as Northern Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden) and Northern Not-Europe (Philly). The collection starts with lighting -- candles shaped like flashlights, baby head candelabras where the wax melts down into spooky hair -- then moves on to containers like the ceramic Crushed Cup (looks like a damaged Solo cup) and The War Bowl, made from melted toy soldiers, and soon to be a depressing college football game played on December 28th. On the organization/mess-clearing tip, there's the Hand Hook (eerily realistic, wall-mountable resin hands for holding keys, loose change, coats...) and similarly purposed, stainless steel Dart Coat Hooks, and Skullrilla: an ape-head ashtray with mouth agape, with serrated teeth to hold your cancer stick and nostrils that emit smoke -- the perfect accessory for Koko's Kent habit.

Even amongst these outliers, there's an outlier: the VanMOOF bike from Amsterdam, which boasts a light aluminum frame, big tires good for urban and beach cruising, solar-powered LED lights, and a leather seat designed to conform to your butt -- proof it's no garage-sale special, as it's not conformed to a recently deceased old man's butt.