Endless Ammo

Pockets are but fickle things that lure in your most prized possessions with promises of warmth and safety, only to later scorn your groping fingers with nothing more than a Coco Before Chanel ticket stub...BURN. Let them do you like that no more, with Endless Ammo

From an army man turned Levi's finance exec who didn't like numbers after all, EA's a military-ish line of shirts and outerwear whose unifying feature's the patent-pending F Stop pocket: an aperture-like enclosure of overlapping fabric that's guaranteed to not drop your shiz 'cause it's based around the ubiquitous undie technology that only let's your unit out when you want it, unless it's more convenient to say, "oh, it just came out on its own". Stay warm in the Long Range Patrol Jacket in fleece-lined "Schoeller Nanosphere" fabric (water and abrasion proof) with a woven shoulder patch and headphone retainer at the neck, or the soft cotton Patrol Hooded Sweatshirt with jumbo Kangaroo F Stops, which according to EA "can securely retain an SLR camera or "three M16 magazines"...but nothing else. For underneath rocking there's the Recon Thermal in waffle cotton (with contrast Nanosphere pockets and panels), the otherwise nondescript Duty Polo with breast pocket action, and short/long sleeve Base Ts with F Stops at the ribs, just like your scared little 7th Grade hand during that PM Dawn slow dance with Hannah Hooper.

EA's launching with just tops, but future plans include collections of trousers and eyewear, which is silly, because if Coco taught us anything, it's that you gotta start with hats!