Paul Burfoot may be England's ballsiest barber: not only has he bravely tackled the hair issues of Oasis' Noel Gallagher and Ozzy-spawn Jack Osbourne, he also created the "Razor Fish" -- the world's first fashion mullet. In between, he produced a formidable line of men's hair-care products that are just now arriving in America. Paul broke into the hair business the old-fashioned way: he ditched school at 16, then set up his flagship barbershop in a defunct London sex store. In 1990 Paul unleashed his first product, Fishfingers: a molding wax you can actually rinse out without using turpentine. A few years ago he teamed with KMI (the empire behind King of Shaves) to distribute his goods worldwide. Just a sampling of his stuff:Fishshape: This shaping cream isn't oily or greasy, yet doesn't dry hard either -- so you can reapply without creating an impenetrable, NFL-ready shell.Jellyfish: Like gel, but more pliable. Great for short hair, or spiky hair like that worn by rock artists and other men who relish cheap, meaningless sex. Sportfish: It's a hair, face, and total body wash in one. If you don't see the genius, you're either a wastrel, or a woman. Like everything from King of Shaves, Fish products won't loot your wallet. And if you enter our random drawing before tomorrow's Thrillist goes out, you can win a giant sack of them (plus some King of Shaves product) gratis. Simply email us the answer to this question: What was the name of the mulleted street gang in Short Circuit 2, and where did they threaten to "kick your balls"?**If you didn't catch SCII (and don't know how to use Google), Fish girls'll be handing out product Thu Apr 20, from 12-2pm, on the sidewalk outside Fish: 280 Bleecker Street.