Found Item Clothing

Published On 02/07/2008 Published On 02/07/2008

Worshipping a movie isn't about fetishizing pretty boy actors, it's about respecting the characters they played: Snake Plissken's one-eyed, limping menacings, or Michael Kellam's deft juggling of a baby, and two other men. Dress the part, with Found Item Clothing

Started by a Palms resident with a crippling Real Genius obsession, Found's an online shop dedicated to recreating t-shirts actually worn by cult/'80s movie characters (apparently, printing Val Kilmer's "I Love Toxic Waste" was a simpler homage than building a deadly space laser). Among the American Apparel-based creations are Nigel Tufnel's electric green human skeleton, Axel Foley's faded "Mumford Phys Ed Dept", and the "What are you looking at, Dicknose?" worn by Teen Wolf's "Stiles" -- best known for being that guy whose shirt attracted the attention of many dicknoses. If you don't see what you want, email in a request -- so the only thing standing between you and Bodhi's "Harley Leathers" Angel of Death beach-football shirt is your ability to spell Bodhi

In addition to shirts, Found also sells a Bushwood Country Club cap, a Slap Shot Iron League patch, and Real Genius Bunny Slippers, and also vends many of the accompanying DVDs -- letting you bask in Mike K's ad hoc parenting prowess, but also presenting the danger of the credits reminding you he was played by Steve Guttenberg.