Gent Supply Co.

It's always nice to get all the stuff you want in one place, although it's been pretty tough to get to Hot Topic since mom stopped dropping you off at the mall. So instead, get your stuff online, and not for tweens, at Gent Supply Co.A spankin' new venture from the team behind a similar, super-successful chick-targeted web store, Gent's a man-stuff-only e-shop featuring a trove of constantly updated stylish, offbeat, and useful gadgets/gear/accessories to help you outfit your life with stuff so unique, it'll help distract people from the fact that you're not. The generally high-design merch spans categories from Tech (i.e., all-in-one charging stations, Lego-shaped portable mini speakers...), to Style (cufflinks made from a vintage Boeing, indestructible wallets), to "Living", boasting a wide variety of utilitarian-yet-sweet stuff like a cube-shaped drink-measuring glass with cocktail recipes on it and a camouflage-colored dustpan/broom set, even though you've never had trouble not-finding it before. There's also a growing gift guide broken down by relevant occasion, i.e., a "Celebrate" section featuring gambling accessories and a sommelier set, one for "Congrats" with picture frames made from recycled bike chains, plus a selection of "Appreciation" gifts, including a collection of hand-carved wood bottle openers, a classy polished wood toolbox, and a transparent automatic stapler so ridiculously complex-looking, it almost covers up the fact that you're giving someone a stapler.In the next month or so, Gent'll be rolling out a whole slew of new items, including more apparel and even ties, which you should check out, since your mom stopped half-Windsoring yours.