Handcrafted buckles and belts in Jackson Square

It's a fact: ninety-percent of your social efforts go towards drumming up interest in your crotch. Adorn it with something no one's ever seen before, with belts from Geoffrey Young Design.Made by one Marin guy using raw metals and hides, GYD's from-scratch, often medieval workmanship guarantees a bounty of imperfection such that no two buckles or belts can possibly be the same. The bronze and sterling silver buckles are melted, cast, and hammered into organically badass forms, from horizontal raised stripes on a tarnished oxidized background, to shiny, string-like twisting ovals, to the more conventional fold-pounded rectangle treated to be just a little rusty, like your French (yeah, oui went there). The belts themselves are cut from either unrefined, cracking suede or premium leather, which is then dyed (black, white, turquoise, etc); many pack bits of subtlety like woven-in contrast segments and wiry loops, which may be lost on whomever's ripping off your pants, so be sure to point them out...to yourself.For next-level singularity, GYD hawks a few super limited editions, including a fine Italian linen number with ringed buckles, and a leather job whose hardware is solid 24K gold, truly something no one's ever seen before: a man pelvic thrusting as he says "Go for the gold" with zero irony.