Girls Can Tell

Traditionally, diagrams can steal the excitement from anything -- except for the uterus diagram from sex ed, that thing had it goin' on! For diagrams that're just as much fun, check out the goods from Girls Can Tell.Founded by a local architect-turned-artist who named the outfit after Spoon's seminal 2001 release, GCT screen-prints original, intricately diagrammed illustrations of machines, vital organs, and cheeseburgers on everything from coasters to placemats to oven mitts, even though real men take out their cassoulet barehanded. GCT's coasters're made from heavy duty industrial gray wool felt, and available in sets of four, each featuring one quadrant of a complete hand-drawn design like a "Monster Bash" pinball machine with schematic labels for coin insert slots, plunger, etc; a small plane's exterior with each section/working part tagged, from cabin & fuselage to propeller & landing gear; and a BBQ grill whose parts and accessories're meticulously diagrammed, along with suggestions for strategic placement of burger and buns, which makes you laugh, because it's hilarious. On cotton oven mitts & placemats, there's everything from DJ turntables with text-based indicators of knobs, arms, and levers; to the cheeseburger, featuring two all-beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, and American cheese; to an anatomically correct diagram of a human brain with labels gracing each section and lobe from temporal to frontal, which you normally prefer to be "full".GCT also produces tote bags and hand towels bedecked with select diagrams, prints of all featured designs, and Moleskine notebooks with printed covers, in which to scribble "get a load of that bangin' fallopian tube!".