Gitman Vintage

Contrary to popular conception, each year during the 80s had its own unique flavor, i.e., in 1984, Rick Allen had two arms; in '85, he did not; in '86, he developed a new one-armed playing style; and in '87, mass Hysteria. For buttondowns that get that, grab Gitman Vintage.Having previously raided their 1980 and '82 line books, the offshoot of the veteran dress brand Gitman Bros. has imbued their newest offering of "American heritage sport-shirts" with fabrics specifically appropriated from '84, resulting in a vibe so pinpointed you can almost smell Amadeus sweeping the Oscars, and faintly whiff at his impending rocking of you. Insinuating a modern slim-fit silhouette with old-school design deets (double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, box-pleats), GV abets striped oxfords and colorful chambrays with heaps of madras plaids, from faded blue & red with thin white & yellow stripes, to small red & white lines cut through a shirt of deep purple, who actually reunited in '84 to release Perfect Strangers, recorded at the famed Bartokomous Studios in Mypos. There're also nine cotton poplin pieces, from simple pastel pink & blue stripes to orange & light blue squares with yellow accents, plus stripes, ginghams, and plaids done in antique seersucker, what Don Draper would wear if he had a huge set of nuts and his last name was Johnson.For a little more flair, GV's offered up some Kanye-esque madras jobs patchworked with Hawaiian floral patterns; a red-n-blue diamond dot fabric; and a white-based joint covered in anchors, which is what a second arm is to anyone attempting to become the greatest drummer of any year ever.