Gotta Have S'More

You never know when an epiphany's gonna hit, which is mainly why you should avoid them when they've been drinking. Reap an epiphany's rewards without having to lie about falling downstairs, at Gotta Have S'More

GHS'M is ostensibly a gourmet S'more business, with a slew of delicious flavors envisioned by a woman who used to work in corporate advertising for the Style Network before an unceremonious layoff, after which she unexpectedly realized her entrepreneurial dream was to get in the S'More game, and immediately memorize B.I.G.'s 10 Graham Cracker Commandments. Each dessert's called a S'muffin, and is shaped like a cupcake but boasts the consistency of the nostalgic treats, with a bottom layer of chocolate, a mid-section of graham cracker pie crust, and a roast-marshmallow topping, all made to order via a recipe so secret, it's not even written down -- and NOT due to illiteracy! Flavors are infused into the chocolate, and are differentiated with a small bit of topping dug into the marshmallow; options include expected varieties like dark and milk chocolate, as well as more creative choices like creme de menthe, cookies & cream, chocolate ganache, and an option that puts a heart-shaped candy atop the treat, which the owner claims is for "telling your girlfriend you screwed up", a sentiment you've always thought best expressed through a complex web of lies.

You can pickup in the Marina, though for a small fee they'll deliver throughout the whole city; eventually, the plan's to either get into stores or to start their own dedicated establishment, assuming no other epiphanies hit them, even if they did burn the dinner.