Imaginistix Prints

The keys to a successful marriage are spending quality time together, keeping things fresh, and making sure she doesn't find your SextingBerry. Or, just spending your lives painting fantasy art together, like the lovebirds from Imaginistix.A hundreds-strong collection of affordable, crazy-detailed, actually cool fantasy-esque prints (typical superhero fare to juiced-up homages to sports stars, TV shows, and movies), 'Stix is the work of a husband/wife team who've augmented their nerd-industry careers with everything from ad campaigns for major brands like Doritos, to album art for musicians who ate too many of those (Meat Loaf). Due to a shared interest in working out (she's a former pro bodybuilder), plenty of their work features seriously jacked characters, like "Commandoes" (two crazy-built half-naked chicks toting assault rifles), and another with a giant dude wearing lifting gloves reaching for an oversized dumbbell in a mountain of rocks, clearly inspired by the classic children's film The Sword in The Free Weights Section of Gold's. Other highlights include Barry Sanders and a purple lion jumping out the top of a football stadium, a bunch of six-shooters pointed at Clint Eastwood while he points one at the viewer, the Seinfeld cast as Star Wars characters (George is R2, Newman's Vader), and an homage to the movie Knightriders, starring a young Ed Harris as a jousting motorcycle knight with just enough hair to cover up his dome, but not enough to cover up his making a movie about jousting motorcycle knights.If you've got a spare 10 grand laying around, they've also got mostly comics-themed original paintings for sale, including a huge oil mural of the X-Men crew -- not recommended for men needing to save cash for the divorce, once their wife finds the SextingBerry revealing just what their little Cyclops has been up to.