Inkanta Design

Making the mundane interesting is what a good teacher does with math, and what your parents did when they flew that "airplane" full of peas into your mouth, totally betraying you, which is why you peed on their couch last weekend. For a shop that puts an interesting twist on everyday items, check out Inkanta

Sitting on Lincoln Road's brand spanking new west end, Inkanta's crammed full of useful stuff for your home and office tweaked by award winning designers from all over the world, so that things you'd normally find banal are actually stimulating, aka, the "drugs for raves" effect. For the place you're supposed to get work done, there's a staple remover painted to look like a red-eyed monster with big metal teeth, plus a series of cool chrome paperweight vehicles that wind up and scoot across your desk: the tractor's a magnet for paper clips, the helicopter's blades can be removed to open envelopes, and the construction truck trailer holds pens, memo pads, and work orders, of which you'll get none if you keep playing with tractors, helicopters, and construction trucks. General home stuff includes rubber door stops that look like little men struggling to push against the door, a bunch of cool wall clocks (one that looks like splinters of metal in a circle, another that only shows the hours of 12 to 3), and for drinking, a lemon squeezer that looks like a spider, and snifters built like Weebles to lean and not fall down, which will have the opposite effect on you

More fun: a bevy of Kidrobot toys, like a pirate clam smoking a butt, and characters from The Simpsons and Futurama, which come in a box so you don't know what's inside, meaning you might get Bart Simpson on a skateboard, Barney with a beer in mid-spill, or that one-eyed Futurama girl with big gazangas, which have the unique ability to make anything interesting.