Just A Cheap Shirt

They say honesty is the best policy, but they've obviously never seen just how laid pretending to be Lou Dobbs can get you. So laid. For a shirt company who also doesn't know of that prodigious laying, check out Just A Cheap Shirt.

From two friends whose families've produced private label shirts for years, tell-it-like-it-is J.A.C.H.S is the more-affordable little brother of Shirt By Shirt, devoted to creating casual, Americana-inspired buttondowns that get silhouettes and design deets from more-premium brands at a price that ranges from $50-$90, aka, your whole bonus if you're the CEO of AIG. The line divies into Western-ish plaids, and non-cowboy stuff made of dress shirt fabric: there's a solid oxford white number casualed-out with deets like a semi-wrinkled look, a solid black going-out-ish shirt with a spread collar, and a blue buttondown with a small checkered pattern adorned with mechanic's-shirt patches that read "The Cheapest Beach Of NYC", and "Ditch Plains Long Island", which, when you drop the "Plains", is really just good advice. Western stuff includes a plaid in gray/black, with random colors on the snap buttons (some red, some pearl, one a star), an extremely lightweight black & white gingham with a yoke where the gingham goes diagonal, and a more-classic red & blue plaid guy with cuff buttons rocking skull & crossbones, warning people as to the perils of your mutant thicket of forearm hair.

J.A.C.H.S also has a shirt that's a kind of cowboy hybrid: instead of a yoke that dips like a classic number, it angles straight across the shoulder, and is made with dress shirt fabric boasting a tiny geometric pattern that kinda looks like a nut and bolt -- also your go-to move before they figure out you're not actually Lou Dobbs.