Kindred Market

Sometimes a common man will birth a transcendent idea, like when Che Guevara devised an ingenious strategy of guerrilla warfare, or when an even bolder genius took colored tees, and made them hyper. Rock tee-revelations of the latter ilk, with Kindred Market.

KM's an online tee store based in beautiful Bakersfield, which populates its e-shelves with the handiwork of anyone who's talented enough to draw a design and upload it, and then merchants with the most user votes get featured more prominently, meaning your "I'm with penis" shirt gets, wait for it, wait for it...the shaft! It's no surprise that this week's top "brand" is Raubvogel, who's created an ingenious tee that portrays Boba Fett fallen on hard times (in a wife beater, outside his trailer, trash can fire a blazin'), while the all-time best seller's Black T-shirt's "Chewbika" -- Chewbacca mashin' on a fixie bike, hoisting a messenger bag, blatantly oblivious to the fact that he's about to plow down Luke Jaywalker. Non-Star Wars action includes Moderna Tigre, with a tiger-faced John Travolta & Sam Jackson ominously brandishing firearms, and Trusty Kone, making its mark with a design of three ice cream cones backed by crossed machetes and the words "Protect the Cream", which is normally the job of two delicious chocolate cookies, but in this economy, you'll take what you can get.

Oh, and if you fancy yourself an artist, KM facilitates designing with a web-based image editing program called Aviary, and makes uploading your genius tee designs super simple -- just not quite as genius as figuring out a way to blow into a t-shirt and watch it turn from dark green to kind of greenish-yellow. Because nothing beats that.