Mandle Company

There are certain female-dominated enterprises that men have longed to break into, like, you know, field hockey, nursing, and beautiful, pain-free childbirth. Breaking the feminine candle choke-hold, Mandle Company.

Designed to satisfy the marginalized market of men wishing to smell a stench other than their own, Mandle's an aromatic revolution from a husband/wife team with a shared landscaping background, who one day started talking about missing the scent of fresh-cut grass, and apparently thought making candles would be way easier than mowing the lawn. Made completely by hand in their home kitchen with a simple combo of molten wax and scented oils, man-romas start with the great outdoors, e.g., Bass Killer (fresh water & fish), Campfire Smoke, and Camp Breakfast (bacon, eggs, 'n' smoke), then move onto other foodstuffs like Meat and Potatoes, Morning Brew, Peanut Butter, and Vampire Repellent, whose garlicky scent was chosen because the reek of Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing was too rotten. Since men love all things contraband, there's also the reefer-scented Amsterdam, an homage to whisky in Jim, Jack, and Johnny, and the brewtastic Kegger, all of which can be lit at once to create How Your Room Smells Anyway.

Mandle's constantly scheming up new scents to mainline into your manly nose, with the next potentially being a WD-40 number called The Lubricator, which sounds like something you'll especially appreciate when the doctor tells you he doesn't know how to give a guy an epidural.