My BluBlockers

Updates on classics can benefit from an attention-grabbing twist -- Van Halen added their own Cali-metal swagger to the Kink's "You Really Got Me Now", and Kid Rock's "Sweet Home Alabama"/"Werewolves of London" mashup was also a song. Updating a legend on your face, My BluBlockers.

Bringing you the iconically big 'Blockers in heretofore unseen colors and lenses, MBB comes from a couple that fell so in love with the 80s infomercial superstar, they asked for -- and received -- carte blanche to make and sell the shades themselves, adding "Revenues That Should Be Mine!" to "Second Pair!" in the list things people get for free from guys who make infomercials. Each model in the new line shares the aviator frame of the original, made from memory-retention nylon that allows the temples to flex to fit even the most Andre-The-Giantish face without permanently stretching, and nosepads molded into the frame itself; colorways include the original brand's tortoiseshell and a more recent white addition, as well as brand-new-to-the-scene green, pink, gold, and blue, which have the side effect of convincing people you've developed a stutter when describing them. The patented orange-hued lenses, originally developed for NASA and designed to block evil UV and blue light rays, come with the white and tortoise frames, while the blue and gold models offer that in a reflective mirror coating; meanwhile, the pink and green colorways actually feature a typical mirror-coated lens of debatable blue-blocking ability.

The cost of looking historically awesome this summer is just $38 for most colorways, the tortoise even more of a steal at $24, and $50'll get you the Gold Edition -- a small price to pay for the glamorous look of the man who spends his summers trying different things and smoking different things.