Nudie Jeans

While premium denim offers the ultimate in wearable quality, buying pre-treated models leaves you with the same expensive butt-marks as everyone else. For a fully custom finish, get Nudie Jeans

A Swedish brand with a native following even bigger than Ace of Base's, Nudie's established itself as one of the masters of dry denim -- a tough, untreated fabric that gives and weathers to perfectly accommodate the owner's body. The break-in process formalizes the forbidden ritual of every jeans fancier: wear your pants every day, and refuse to wash 'em. Stress marks and wear spots'll continually develop in places dictated by both your natural activities (walking, sitting) and unnatural ones (cooking, talking about feelings). After six months, pop 'em in the laundry, and they'll emerge with the worn areas softer, more flexible, and lighter in color -- visual representation of your bowlegged swagger, and your tendency to sit with legs crossed like a gossipy secretary

Nudie's fall line includes six dry models in a variety of fits and colors, including the the classic-cut "Even Steven", the looser-fitting "Straight Sven", and "Grim Tim" -- an ultra-durable, black selvage number that'll retain the imprint of your unique buttocks long after they've become a withered, pruny memory.