Obsessively Chasing Dollars

Regardless of their circumstances, those who relentlessly pursue wealth follow the same rules -- like any good Wall Streeter 2Pac drew wisdom from Machiavelli, and like any kid without a wicked jump shot Mike Bloomberg started slinging...financial services software. Making mewelry for all of them, Obsessively Chasing Dollars

From an NYC designer but previously only available in Tokyo, OCD's expanding stateside with a winter line-up of "ultra violent" weapon pendants that, "from the streets to the boardroom,...pay homage to the time honored tradition of the hostile takeover", a hardcore literal interpretation heretofore only imagined by the the most badass crew of all: Monty Python! Strapped onto either a tightly coiled or thick-linked 30" sterling silver chain, solid-silver designs imbued with fresh functionality include a sawed-off double barrel shotgun that actually breaks, and a mini butterfly knife that can open and close -- treat it like a toy and you'll suddenly understand Malibu Ken's conspicuous lack of genitals. Also on the table's a baseball bat with an 18k gold nail driven through the barrel, a Grim Reaper scythe with a delicately curved handle and gold blade, and a silver or gold plated Jason Voorhees mask, which either represents the fact that your drive for cash can't be killed, or that your mom is f*ing insane

Believing that "every Clyde needs his Bonnie", OCD's new line also features smaller versions of most designs and female-sized chains, though no matter your circumstances the most deadly serious rule of all is "don't coordinate accessories with your girlfriend".