While singular focus can lead to perfection, covering all one's bases can work just as well -- Steely Dan melded pop, jazz, rock, and country into a Hall of Fame career, while the Baha Men...didn't. Trying a little bit of everything with their watches, o.d.m

A Hong Kong-based watchery that in recent years rebranded itself as making "inno-trendy timewear", o.d.m.'s offerings run the design gamut from contemporary analog to futuristic digital, clearly obeying the old Chinese adage of throwing Lo Mein on the wall and seeing what chopsticks. Somewhat restrained styling comes in the form of polyurethane-strapped pieces like the 3 Touch, an analog with a circular bezel on a square case, and a face that includes a touchscreen digital readout with modes including world time, chronograph, and alarm; the Speed, which employs the same silhouette but trades the digital readout for a simple streak of red across its plain black face; and the Unit, because "when masculine black stainless steel straps team up with raging red plate and winding crown, the chemistry carries a vigorous aura in a contemporary manner". Exactly. Turning up the wild are the Link, with buttonless side-touch technology used to change the display and available in 13 candyish solid colors, and the Filmatic II, with its rectangular digital face naturally curved in line with the silicone strap, and with a sub-7mm thickness thanks to "e-paper" technology, which is also why you got kicked out of Choate and had to slum it at...ugh...Deerfield

If you're dying to liberate the time from the shackles of your wrist, there's the Pixel Square, which amounts to two plastic rectangles, one with a digital clock readout, attached to a ski-pass-style stainless steel chain, prompting you to inquire Who Let the Dog Tags Out?