Paul Jacober Shirts

When trying to impress with hometown knowledge, you've got to dig deep, but when describing far off lands, broad strokes are plenty effective: "Amsterdam: dope, hookers, Van Gogh -- bad ass". For a shirt line that masters both strategies, check out Paul Jacober.From a Miami Beach graphic designer, PJ produces high quality tees and polos sporting geographically inspired images that either paint startlingly accurate pictures, or totally vague yet still awesome ones, depending on how close to home they're representing. Their latest, the UK-loving "Never Mind The Roses" collection, operates under the admission "might not be much rhyme nor reason, but it's absolutely beautiful": "The Stag Stops Here" mashes the Union Jack, a studly stag, and a delicate toile; "British Cockeral" does the same with an imperious rooster; and "High Horses" puts the Jack and "frolicking horses" inconspicuously on your lower back, neatly overlaying your stripper tattoo of a Union Jack and frolicking horses. Meanwhile, the "Florida Series" gets more specific, contrasting the rural "stuck in the 70s" vibe of Davie with the glitz of South Beach via tees such as "Collins Ave. Retreat" (1920s flapper girl superimposed over deco architecture) and the dreamy "Desperately Seeking Davie" (horses, dune buggy, Camaro, and a hard-to-find Charlie's Angel -- like if Waldo had bitchin' feathered hair).PJ's latest trick is a line of Obama tees, including the 100% organic "Obama Nation": a map of America layered with Obama in profile holding a mic, presumably speaking in totally bad ass broad strokes.