Made-to-order pies, delivered to your door

Stuff you carelessly gorged on as a child, but can't anymore: weighty pillowcases of Halloween candy, towering banana splits, anything from a fair. Now removed from the list: pot pies, thanks to Pot Pie Paradise.After the idea came to her in a particularly savory dream, an Indonesian-born East Bay chef decided to bake healthy pot pies (fresh ingredients, no preservatives, no MSG) influenced by all sorts of delicious worldly flavors, sell them for mad cheap, and ship 'em to your door, until your mailman catches on, after epic chases by dogs. Far-flung, meaty options from PPP's 32-pie roster include the spicy Creole Gumbo (w/ shrimp, okra, hot links...), the Thai Chicken Curry (coconut milk, rice noodles, peanut sauce), and the sweet sake-/ginger-/soybean-stuffed Osaka Beef -- also E. Honda's nickname, before he realized that meant his life-meter would be labeled "O. Beef". If you're after more conventional flavors, they've got stuff like the Classic American Chicken (peas, carrots, butter, etc) and the Roast Turkey w/ celery, mushrooms, and green beans; for dessert, opt for sweetness like the sour-cream-aided Bavarian Apple Pie or a pineapple/coconut milk/rum Pina Colada, for those who love baking goods at midnight.All pies're made to order; buy online, and they're frozen and shipped UPS. They take up to three days to arrive, and the order minimum's four individuals (5") or one 10" family -- which comes with a sign reading, "You must be THIS fat to ride this pie".