A colorfully silly line of tees

When recognized for his accomplishments, a man'll often thank those who motivated and inspired him, be it a coach, parent, or everybody except the wife who didn't leave after catching him drunk in bed with a mess of Russian hookers. Graciously thanking his professor for her "brutal lack of encouragement", the designer of Seibei tees

Seibei's a colorfully silly tee line from a Japanese Lit major (and onetime SFer) who "always enjoyed drawing stupid cartoons", and credits an inattentive, generally crappy prof named Meera Viswanathan for permanently pushing him away from academia, and toward very capably dressing you as a fun-loving dumbass. Several designs feature Seibei's own bizarre brand of beasts, like a white silhouetted dinosaur in a sombrero exclaiming "Make Me A Taco", or a 20-eyed green monster whose tongue's a beckoning pink finger (called "Give Us a Kiss"), or a two-headed Cyclops whose heads're sharing a rocket pop and is sporting a turquoise pair of Jockeys bulging w/ two one-eyed monsters' worth of one-eyed monster. Other numbers compensate for a lack of beast by adding stupid, like "I Like To Do Things And Eat Stuff" in retro 3D-ish block font over white/grey stripes, and chest-badged "Intramural Zombie Hunter", customizable w/ your name & number on the back, and some/more/lots of "gore" (bloody hand prints and splatters) -- for one with a giant beard of defeat, select "Al"

A few of Seibei's sweetest designs're slated to be retired, and're currently labeled "Last Chance", including a couple dapper-looking vampires on a background of blood drops and the statement "There Aren't a Lot of Career Options for Vampires" -- just as there aren't a lot of options for ex-movie-princesses, except sitting there and taking Sean Penn's crap.