Sleek wallets, bags, and money clips

Stripping things down to the basics might help streamline your existence, but trim too much, and you're left with a freezer that can't swallow a twelver, or a phone that doesn't play Minesweeper. Mixing sleek simplicity with full functionality, Setgo, just dropped in LA

Started by a former NYC ad man, Setgo's a line of wallets, bags, and money clips that share both a simple all-black or steel design and, like the guy who played Leprechaun, the ability to get stuff done despite being small. The lowdown

Wallets: Six leather options, including the thinner-than-a-centimeter, five-pocketed "Track", the bi-fold, vertical-ID-pocketed "System", the removable-money clip "Freeway", and the "Gateway", optimized for int'l travel with room for three currencies, plane tickets, passport, and two SIM cards, so that you can ignore calls from two continents.

Bags: Durable, drill nylon options like the overhead-compartment sized, cell-pocket abetted "Convoy", the removable-strap "Rack" gym bag, the shoulder-strapped "Transport" (with a four-zipper-pocketed interior), and the flapless laptop messenger dubbed "Speed" -- though unfortunately, driving too slowly will not cause Keanu Reeves to die

Money Clips: Four brushed stainless steel choices: the lightweight "Staple", the "Clearcut" (with inverted sides for easy money removal), the heavy duty "Statement", and the "Arrival", double-wide with a second clip for cards -- business, credit, and "Free Small Meatball"

Setgo's got plans for expanding the line, possibly even getting into fashion -- though they should be careful, because while streamlining a wallet is something you should do, streamlining a pair of jeans is something you shant.