The Shotgun

Though they can be lifesavers, typical GPS units come with two inherent drawbacks: you can only use them in your car, and you're liable to blow right by Roscoe's while clumsily touchscreening "chicken + waffles". Killing both birds, The Shotgun

Dreamed up in Sunnyvale, Gun's got all the top 'o the line GPS trappings -- 3D maps, traffic alerts and one-touch rerouting, over 11 million easily browsed biz listings -- plus two big innovations guaranteed to make you feces your Dockers. First up, an online pre-planning function: download Gun's browser plug-in and you can click-save locations of wanna-visit spots, then push them to your Gun's "My Favorites" for quick mapping out, a boon to public safety that could only be bested by you losing your license entirely. Equally awesome, at the size of a file-card and less than one inch thick, the Gun's easily transported, and remains fully functional whether you're riding dirty in a Hertz Hyundai in Hotlanta, or walking around an unfamiliar hood, hoping the people who stole your car will appreciate your CD collection, since no one else seems to

Upcoming features include weather updates, address sharing with other Gunners, and restaurant reviews: "Great chicken & waffles; limited seating due to distracted jerk's car crashed through front dining room".