Soho Gift Dash

Haven't even started your holiday shopping? You're not screwed yet. Hit this tight cluster of stores, and snag thoughtful gifts for everyone in about an hour.Dad:Oska415 W Broadway, between Prince and Spring; 212.625.2772Dads love outerwear (it keeps their withered frames from losing precious heat), and this German brand's jackets, sweaters, etc, are all designed with the fashion-forward older man in mind -- as evidenced by their use of models who might have fathered you during a Kraftwerk concert. Bring in this flyer for $50 off your purchase, then use the savings to buy pops an oil drum of piping hot tea. Print the flyerGirlfriend:Wink155 Spring, between W Broadway and Wooster; 212 334.3646Since a ring's out of the question, the store recommends you snag her a set of six "Good Charma" sterling silver bracelets ($195-$210), which can be worn separately, or all together for a jangling chorus of "Look what my boyfriend bought me". Buddy or Boss:OK Cigars383 A W Broadway, between Prince and Spring; 212.965.9065Nothing says friend/loyal employee like quality carcinogens, and nearly every gift box in OK's walk-in humidor meets that standard, from the $14.95 Honduran Classics (three cigars) to this season's Stogie Grail: the $175 Opus X set (four cigars). The best deal's the $25 Fonseca (Dominican) package: keepsake wooden box, lighter, cutter, and four cigars so flavorful, your giftee'll swear they cost you $75. Out of your deep respect for your friend/boss, you'll choose not to call out his stupidity. Brother:The Evolution Store120 Spring St, between Greene and Mercer; 212.343.1114As boys, you salted slugs, fried ants, and dared each other to smoke actual roaches. Remind your brother of those days with Evolution's singular framed insect art. Prices start at $79, though $3000'll get you the world's largest beetle, Titanus giganteus. We suggest the $98 Euchroma gigantea -- not quite as gigantic, but still mesmerizing to look at, especially after a nostalgic session with a roach. Moms:Molton Brown's Toiletries128 Spring St, between Greene and Wooster; 212.965.1740Tired of Mom complaining about her fading looks? Help upgrade her grill with MB's highly regarded home spa and skincare line. Their creams, ointments, and soaps are so rejuvenating they'll all but erase the dermatological damage wrought on her face by your years of callousness. Bring a printed copy of this write-up into Molton's store, and get 15% off any women's holiday gift set, now-Dec 24.Sister:Marc Jacobs Bag Sale11am-7pm, tomorrow only163 Mercer, between Houston and Prince; 212.343.1490Unless she's a man, your sister wants another designer bag. Tomorrow's one-day-only, once-a-year sale features three types of bags, all dramatically slashed down to $200. Yes, $200's a big gift for someone whose love you shouldn't have to buy -- but her assumption that you spent $900 means another year of not telling dad it wasn't really the gardener who burned the family home to cinders.