Royal Elastics Clothing

Sometimes it's wise to not limit yourself to one enterprise, which is the exact logic that allowed us to see LeVar Burton in those sweet-ass shades. For a shoe brand diversifying their endeavors, check out Royal Elastics.Stepping beyond the no-lace, elastic-banded kicks that made them famous in the '90s, RE's put out their first collection of cut-and-sew casualwear ranging from button-downs to light jackets, boasting a workingman-cum-skater vibe in hues inspired by the designer's trip to an old pub, which apparently had more than just Black & Tans. Miami-friendly jackets include the Chico, which's kinda like a street-wise varsity jacket with a ribbed collar, and the Houghton work coat in a black cotton micro twill with red contrast stitching, a "stubby" collar, and a taffeta sleeve lining for "soft hand feel", at least for people whose hands are in the middle of their arms. Fall and winter-ish button-downs include the Livingston Work, basically an expedition shirt with a bold off-color chest pocket, and the elbow-patched plaid Bridgeport, plus there're hoodies like the zip-up Durant, boasting a body made of thick cotton waffle that stretches -- something made necessary by your previous waffle encounters.Not giving up on those kicks, they've got the Brother Basil (kinda like a high-top hushpuppy/sneaker hybrid), the low-top hoops-inspired Icon, and the above-the-ankle Hi Big Fat Studs, also what you say when you see the captain of the original Enterprise, and his portly buddy who also gets mad blue alien tail.