Sumo Surfer

The idea of freedom can be interpreted in a variety of ways: to some, it's the right to bear arms, while others see it as the right to paint fat assed sumo wrestlers in board shorts surfing huge swells while smoking stogies and precariously balancing martinis. Letting the less shooty of those freedoms hang in your pad, Sumo Surfer.Sumo Surfer is an original wall-art and tees company, all done by a former bodybuilder on the Westside who had an epiphany that he was feeling trapped, and that his way out was to paint pictures that corresponded to his idea of freedom, which he says is represented by "incongruous giants doing unexpected things," though inexplicably, he seems to have left out elephants casually rejecting peanuts. Art's available in its original acrylic-on-canvas/board state or as colorful prints on limited-edition, signed, numbered gilcee paper, with options including the "Sumo Surfer Love Bus," featuring a couple of the portly fellows having a drink in a VW Van while a garter-belted lady's legs enjoy the air, "Sexy Sumo", with a topless wrestler being waited on by two scantily-clad ladies, and another image, that's caught the wrestler enjoying his cocktail while using the john, leaving you with an distinct hankering for a Mind Eraser. There're also a couple of the images that have made it to tees and tanks, like "Easy Rider", which finds the surfer on a motorcycle smoking the butt of a stogie, and the aforementioned image of the surfer catching a wave while downing a drink, called "Flying Martini Olives", also the name of a trio of traveling gymnasts with some serious ver-moves. And drinking problems. In addition to the surfer prints, the artist also paints a ton of sweet, empty beachscapes, which are examples of another time-honored interpretation of freedom: the right to enjoy whatever you want, without leaving your couch.