When function precedes form, the results can still come out looking pretty sweet, like with the streamlined, aerodynamic beauty of a Formula One car, or vaginas. For a watch line reveling in the beauty of function, check out Tsovet.Inspired by the utilitarian look of vintage industrial gauges and avionic instruments, Tsovet crafts watches with clean lines, oversized numbers, and no-nonsense looks that're refreshingly non-gimmicky, a quality that unfortunately no longer applies to the Dolphins' offense. Things kick off with the super-clean CS79, which almost looks ripped off a deco high-rise, with a perfectly round face, sharp-edged hands and fonts, and components made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, in color combos like a black face/calf leather strap, or an all-black number with olive green numerals and hands that stay lit in the dark, so you and they will have something in common when a hurricane knocks out the electricity. Next up, the AT76 rocks Jeep-like angles on a body made of bolted layers of metal, and comes in colorways like a brushed rose gold body/black face, or brushed dark gunmetal with olive numbers, while the CV74 looks more aeronautic, with a detailed face akin to an altimeter that's covered in crystal, which'll sparkle on your wrist, until she's called to the main stage.The least restrained of the collection is the mostly-black LX73, with a laser-cut dial revealing bright orange numbers underneath that're seriously oversized, which is also how you prefer your...turbocharged V8s.