Uber-comfy casual wear on Geary

It's nice to see things blossom, like flowers in the springtime, or the Twilight series right now, even though you've been telling everyone to read the books for, like, infinity. Or uber-comfy casual wear from Vince

Vince. started a few years back in NY/LA as a couple ultra-casual cashmere items, but has now grown into a burgeoning line o' sporty casual wear (characterized by elegant lines and compulsively wearable fabrics), and is annexing SF with a 1500 square foot, industrial-steez store with exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and galvanized steel rolling racks, which will inspire you to turn to your buddies and say "nice". Hangin' on said racks is the Holiday collection, beginning with super soft undergarments like pima cotton long/short-sleeved jersey tees in subdued solids, gauzy double-layer (also pima) v-neck tees, and three-button thermal henleys infused with a bit of spandex, but just a bit, because no one wants to see the end of your innocence. Then there's just-as-comfy outerwear that ranges from wool/nylon zip hoodies flared up with toggle closures, to heavy fleece/thermal-lined sweatshirts with contrast inner hoods, to striped v-neck sweaters in sheer "dirty" cotton, great for, say, gyrating in a boxing ring with DJs spinning (show your hands). Let's get dirty (that's your jam)

They're currently making room for Spring, so most of the aforementioned gear's sellin' at 40% off. When Spring hits (gradually over the next few weeks), expect similar silhouettes executed in brighter shades and thinner blends of fabric, and, for the first time ever...denim, which makes sense, seeing how you've been wearing it since way before Twilight ever became a totally underrated series of books importantly documenting the plight of teenage vampires and their not sex.