Vinyls melted into on-trend specs

The true vinyl heads treat their records with such noble reverence that sometimes, it's only natural to want to smash them into bits. Don't be a philistine: have them melted into glasses instead, with Vinylize.From the shrewd Hungarians who brought you Cinematique, V's a smartly diverse line of Buddy Holly-ish acetate specs and shades that're sturdily bonded with visibly grooved LP-veneers, for a cultured look that says "ask me about my record collection", or "stick needles in my eyes". Originally, V's designer ballsily raided his dad's collection for fodder, but as supplies dwindled, he hatched the idea of "helping out" friends' bands by actually pressing their albums, 85% of which he then sliced up for his glasses -- hey, at least they're getting some visibility. Wisely, this season's styles're named for jazz greats instead of obscure Hungarians, e.g., the angular Fitzgerald (in honor of Ella, even though they look better on a dude), the slim/rounded McRae (for a Harlem singer who feverishly put out sixty albums), and a classily subdued pair named for Leon Redbone, who once lent his vocals to an early-80s Budweiser ad, earning him the right to tell all the ladies "This Bone's for you".All pairs come with a zippered case made from a warped 7" from one of V's artists, such as Genys, or the Brass Bastardz, men whose fatherz once briefly considered treating them with reverence and care.