Selecting the perfect gift is a daunting task requiring empathy, research, and a superhuman facility with "dates". Surmount all your gifting hurdles, with Webgiftr

WG's an all-purpose gift resource designed by a man who turned to the internet for help alleviating his gifting woes only to find it barren of truly robust help...or maybe he just got distracted by mini-donkey websites, or whatever. Once you've uploaded contacts from your Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail account, relevant data (bdays, anniversaries) will be auto-logged into a calendar that you can also manually update with gift-mandating occasions, allowing you to plan expensive post-infidelity groveling months in advance. For its Gift Ideas section, WG combines the web's hottest items with user ratings, then breaks down products by categories including price range, theme (Books, DVDs, iPod/iPhone, etc.), and recipient type; to get even more personal, invite friends and family to set up their own account and share wish lists including desired products, fav brands, restos they'd like a reservation at, or even charities they'd prefer be supported in lieu of material goods, in case you hang out with Jesus, or, like, Josh Hartnett

WG's also simultaneously launched a fully featured Facebook app, sporting a highly similar interface and the ability to auto-input Friends' bdays -- a bonus tempered by the daunting task of weaseling out of 498 birthday gifts a year.