Pair of local art & design aficionados give themselves

Even the most selfless of benefactors occasionally need something for themselves, like the time Mother Teresa had that foot-long Cold Cut Trio and was like, "No, starving child, MT's takin' this one down solo!" Grabbin' a well-deserved piece of the art n' gear pie, Wonderland.

The husband/wife team that's benevolently promoted local designers n' artists for the past 12 years at packed "Chillin' Productions" events're finally "tired of making money for everybody else" -- hence Wonderland, a boutique-cum-gallery whose constantly revolving cache of art n' clothing's sourced from the 6,000+ Bay peeps they've helped out in the past, not including the Bush Guy, since he's an artist in his own right. Duds range from Gytha Mander's gingham button-downs (with contrast under-collars n' cuffs), to dope blazers by Estrella (with unique zip-up action on the lapels), to tees by Headline and Artefacture, to dress shirts that you can get custom embroidered with a design of your choosing from Medium Reality, which, on the plus side, doesn't bite, but, on the negative side, doesn't offer a kick-ass soundtrack featuring Lisa Loeb and whoever wrote that "Spin the Bottle" track. Amble past all that and you're in a gallery space whose walls're currently adorned with for-sale stuff like the drip-heavy spray paint work of Chor Boogie, Reuben Rude's comic-inspired figures painted over mixed media collage, and a framed pencil rendering of a fluffy kitten wielding a machine gun (Kit Cartridge?).

Wonderland's also slingin' a sweet slew of accessories, including man-sacks made of recycled Dunlop innertubes, cufflinks fashioned from watch innards, and the only non-local product in the store -- rad, Mexico City-made cowhide wallets, which even Mother Teresa would snag, if she wasn't already hooked up so hard at Subway.