YAVA Glass

Seemingly worthless, empty beer bottles actually work well as makeshift ashtrays, can net you a bounty at the recycling place, and when arranged with the proper feng shui, they make your dorm room look awesome. God, you can drink a lot. And they also make dope glassware: YAVA Glass

A husband/wife glass-sculpting team in Sedona, AZ, YAVA takes empties with non-paper labels/logos and transforms them into boozy drinking glasses, coasters, and "spoon rests": devices apparently meant to keep cooking fluids from getting onto your counter or stovetop, although if that does happen, it's pretty simple to deceive five other mothers into feeding it to you, too. Their cup-stock ranges from ubiquitous brands like Rolling Rock, Red Stripe & Corona, to niche suds like El Salvador's Caguama, Grolsch, and Stone Brewery's IPA, Arrogant Bastard, and Ruination Ale; each starts by getting its neck lopped off before the edges're sanded and smoothed for more comfortable sipping, and significantly less emergency lip surgery. The aforementioned coasters're made from the same brands, only melted flat to feature the label in the center, and fitted with padded nubs underneath to keep them slightly elevated; spoon rests're basically bottles bisected lengthwise, then sanded smooth and melted to be semi-flat, which they think they make up for with a pretty face and a winning personality, but yeah, not really

If beer-related merch is too racy for you, YAVA's also got a healthy run of glasses/coasters/those must-have spoon rests made from bottles featuring old-school logos of sodas like Fresca, Dr. Pepper, and even the energy drink BAWLS, which your dorm room totally proved you had. Because you drank in there, and then saved the bottles to show people that you drank in there. BEEEEEER!!!